Corona Kicks Non Vegetarian : 2020 News

Corona Kicks Non Vegetarian
Corona Kicks Non Vegetarian

Corona Virus , This is a virus which is spread at the Higher level and every sphere of the planet. This virus has kicked the non vegetarian , referring it mostly positive among the Non vegetarians. However the Non vegetarian means who eats  chicken , meat and animal foods. Corona virus is mostly and has chances to suffer for the non vegetarians.

Corona virus forces the People to eat  veggies or to become vegetarian because this virus is spread from the animals. The Virus forces the people to become veggies because the veggie contains vitamins ,  proteins and increases our immunity to fight from the virus and disease symptoms. 

As we know the corona virus is derived from China , who is famous f0r eating every type of animal or insect such as  rat , octopus , dogs etc. Due to this, this habit of eating had raised the diseases in their country and at a time in this World. This makes a report and verification  to become vegetarian and consumption of veggies and their products. 

The Corona virus is appreciated by the People because however the virus is dangerous but this has marked the people to switch for vegetarianism. This had led the protection and save of animals and  insect lives and maintained the eco balance. This virus increases the value of the veggie in their lives.

The Corona virus kicks used by this virus pushed the people to refer to the pure and natural food . This virus had also kicked the poverty of people due to sale of the natural and vedic food such as vegetables , fruits , grain etc. This virus had a main hand in development and growth of people because this virus pushes people to boycott non veggies items such as chicken , meat etc.

This virus encourages people to switch vegetarian because this virus is spread from the animals. Non veggie items are infected , bad and unfavorable , however it can’t  be safe to eat . This virus raises more thorough animal and insect consumption.

The Characteristics of vegetarians will minimize the problem or chances to suffer from the corona virus. The Principal aims behind this to switch the people from non vegetarianism and manage their survival safe and healthy among the World.

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