Corona Slaps IPL Schedule : 2020 News

Today’s Breaking News for all the IPL lovers and IPL lists , Corona  had a lampstand to the IPL schedule. This virus had not slapped the IPL  schedule but their overs too. This virus had not changed the IPL schedule but crashed the emotions of spirit , excitement , sport value and happiness from the viers and their fans.

Corona had forced the Indian premier league cancellation due to crowd and traveling of one city to another. However the Health minister addressed the chances of cancellation of IPL’s.The Corona had cancelled or postponed the schedules till now from the Government order.

The Indian cricket control board had cancelled or postponed the IPL , due to the spreading of corona virus among the World. They regard the Human lives as more important than entertainment and the IPL. After this Statement and due to corona awareness many cities of India involved in it , restricted the IPL  tournament. However , in Delhi this ban till the 15April2020.

The Virus is found in the various celebrities of cricket which forces them to take action on it. This IPL schedule was postponed for the saving lives of humans and minimizing the spread of Virus. This Virus had created history in the life of the Ipl schedule because this had not been cancelled or postponed from the year of playing , from 2012.

 However , sad for the IPL lover and Ipl players by this raise the Voice for humanity in spite of entertainment.This Virus had caged all cricketers in their houses or cities such as M.S. Dhoni , Virat Kholi etc. Corora had not caged the cricketers but their care for a while. This Will be postponed till the Government next order.

However from a few days Ipl was claimed to be played without the audience in live form. From 18 March , 2020 this idea was canceled and the IPL postponed. Not only Ipl schedules were but many sports such as football tournaments. Although the IPL is promoting the precautions and protection among this virus and showing their concern.

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