Corona Virus : Details 2020

Introduction :

  • Corona virus is a type of virus. This Virus is known as deadly and injuries. This Virus is an acute , mild respiratory  infection which is caused due to common cold , fever and common diseases. This disease is spreading diseases . These diseases are caused due to animals and insects. This disease is not curable. This disease is also known as life taking diseases.

History :

  • This disease is derived from the chine due to consumption of unknown insects and animals, This disease is spread more in the chine due to the habit of non vegetarianism. This disease warning was given in 2012 by the specialist doctor but people had not focused on that, this had claimed the stronger existence in 2020.
  • The History of these diseases does not belong to the 100 to 200 years ago but from 3 to 5 months ago.However the warning was given but written and came into force from the months. This is known as history because this has created history among the world due to postponed world work schedules (whether important or planned ) and breaks the individuals from their people.

Present Conditions :

  • The Present conditions are worse and have impacted from the past conditions. However the  past conditions had possibility of curement and to be but the present conditions made it compulsory more chances. The present conditions regarded unfavorable then past conditions because it commends their experience and spread at the great level which had grew fear and threat among the individuals .
  • Present conditions are not favorable because neither it had to innovate medicine and treatment and overcome the people who were suffering from this disease. Although with the past patients and the new and present patients involved which created the possibility or chances to report negative.Present conditions reported this virus deadly and dangerous which is incurable till now. (March 2020)
  • Present condition has addressed medicine and treatment will be considered in a day. These conditions had regarded prevention and protection measures which overcame the people to minimize it.This virus present conditions would not control in a targeted manner.Present conditions regarded the possibility and to be termed , which focuses on the will work or future conditions.

Future conditions:

  • These conditions are dependent conditions which are based on present and past expectations , conditions .These conditions worked as a report and conclusion on above stated conditions.Future conditions is recognized with the possibilities and analysis. This is associated with the researchers , verification’s and hard work.
  • Future conditions consider the medicine and treatment innovation and define success or victory over the virus.Future conditions will be life saving and the best innovation of the world , until it has taken many lives. This will bring happiness , curity , protection and safety among the world. Future conditions would be good and favorable for the living beings because this will assure the answer and challenges facing.
  • Future conditions will be encouraging and understanding and protesting against these types of diseases. These conditions will be tight slaps and good answers to future these types of diseases.These conditions would be preventive and precautions variability. These conditions would be aimed to provide a safe , healthy and favorable life which makes survival possible with happiness.

Precautions :

The Corona virus not injected , cause  immediately . This virus causes contact with the people  , in air and due to non particularity. From disease we can be save or prevent by assuring these precautions , which are as follows:

  • Wearing masks : This virus spreads through air , contact with the physical environment or with the people which claims the microorganisms transmission of one person to another  . Wearing masks will stop and prevent our face senses (such as nose , mouth) from coming in contact.
  • Using sanitizers: The corona virus spreads due to coming in contact with the physical environment which stuck viruses and dangerous microorganisms with our body. Sanitizers will reduce these problems and kill more microorganisms in seconds.
  • Consuming healthy food : Food is the major cause of diseases . Healthy food will increase the immunity power and fight with the diseases. The list of healthy foods such as dal , vegetables , fruits and  except non vegetarian diet.

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