Remedies to Cure Corona Virus

 Today’s Jodhpurs breaking news , at 2.26 p.m. Corona Virus is which is known as biggest and hazardous disease from one , which is not  settling from the any measures and precautions had been settled down from the following remedies such as :

  • To consume garlic in limited amounts.
  • By using sanitarian.
  • Consuming immunity items such vegetables , fruits etc.
  • Drink more water.
  • Uses ayurvedic medicine and products .
  • Consume Union products but under doctor assurance.

According to India terminology , there is home remedy which cure it :

  • Consuming neem leaves , Tulsi leaves.
  • Consuming black pepper.
  • Ginger , Milk and dairy products.
  • Drink boiled water.
  • Eat healthy and natural vegetables and fruits , dry fruits.
  • Drink glucose and immunity powder and items such as juices .

The Corona virus would be overcome or minimized because our medical world and Ayurveda world had made the medicine to cure this virus. This medicine innovation has given a second chance to lives who are suffering from these diseases or to be.This is research for the human beings as considered as the best gift among the World ever had.

Now the corona virus will be rid of this world and never have a chance to come again. The Virus had again proven the human mindset intelligence and  excellency to fight against the problem and challenges.The Corona virus would now overcome or disappear from the world. Our science and health organization had the main involution in it.

Safety Precautions:

  • To wear masks , if possible to ‘N95 , anti pollution masks etc.
  • Don’t use products and things of others.
  • Be particular with your things.
  • Don’t eat street food and unprotected food.
  • Always clean your hands and face .

The Corona virus medicine and their precautions will in the days to be  ..These days will be best and good for human lives. Medicine will be regarded as a Honey dew for the people and the world. The Medicine formulas will be known to the public in the coming days. The Scientist and medical professional worked hard on it and aimed to make it sure for the people. 

The Medicine and their treatment to treat corona virus will be coming soon . Thank you… Be safe and Healthy!!!!

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