Shocking Corona VIRUS : 2020 News

Corona virus , at every news channel and around the mouth, is committing. This virus is committing among the world so seriously because it is known as a deadly disease.This virus is taken so seriously because this is spreading among the people which had taken lives or suffered people unfavorable at the bad level.

This virus is listed among the one danger and life taking disease. However the virus is spread because there is no medicine and treatment exist and searched to cure it. This virus is known as networking diseases because this disease is due to  come in contact with the other and infected person. This disease had taken lives of good personalities which included crickets , Bollywood and Hollywood characters and various politicians.

This disease is life taking. This disease affects the social ,economic and political life. This had crashed the daily routine and program schedules . These diseases had created the group and single rule among the world because this disease spread in a crowd. These diseases had divided the world into parts.

These diseases had taken food from the people known as Non vegetarian. These  diseases had taken lives of people which had rated the population decrease. The Disadvantages of corona virus are as follows:

  • Illegal trading or black marketing :

Due to crises and demand or supply of masks by the people to protect themselves had given rise to black marketing because people are admiring illegal work for their safety and protection without any protesting and fighting ..some of them admiring them. 

  • Decrease togetherness among the people:

The Virus had separated people because the corona virus spread more efficiently in crowds and more individual groups.This had created distance among the people which had crushed the emotion of attachment and togetherness.

  • Particular character :

As we know the corona virus would be caused due to use of other’s things or comes in contact with the others which had created the character of particularly among the people which regarded the emotions of selfishness and embarrassment.This virus had forced the people to become selfish and particular with their products.

  • Disturb the daily schedule :

As we know the coronas virus is a deadly disease which spreads in the crowd or rush area due to this it claimed disturbance with the daily routine work because daily working life is scheduled connected  with the no of individuals and network which leads rush and more people connection

  • Attention Mode 

Attention mode , this has created attention and inadequate awareness among the people due to coronavirus because this virus causes a single symptom and normal  such as cough , cold , fever , pain . This attention mode suggests even a single or normal action will regard hospital tests and medicine taking which creates more fear and attention in the people.

  • Weakness

Weakness , corona virus dances or more spirit works on the weaker people. This weakness arises due to low immunity power. This low immunity power is caused due to stress  (Empower the threat of virus which causes non patients in patients ), physical assessment (Such as work , pollution etc.). 

  • Postponed the planning

This Virus  had postponed the whole world  planning due to corona virus .This is so because the expected planning determined the network and people innovation which is not possible due to corona virus. This had postponed the examination , education , ipl schedule , Bollywood areas and films.

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